Coil to components


Material developments and innovative cutting edge engineering methods in combination with economically friendly lightweight solutions all serve to broaden the application spectrum for the modern day fine tolerance steel tube. Within this constellation it is important to understand that a close working relationship with both suppliers and customers is the cornerstone to success. This process is something we practice on a daily basis.

Rapid Prototyping

Modern day manufacturing requires that innovative product development ideas are turned into saleable products in the shortest possible time. Our in-house team of qualified Engineers and Product Designers/Developers are experienced in the process of Rapid Prototyping, thereby satisfying the insatiable appetite of our customers for new innovative solutions based on a fine tolerance steel tube and all within the shortest possible time frame.

Cost Effectiveness

Tubes, manufactured to the finest of tolerances can be economically developed by incorporating production efficiencies into their design. Our state of the art manufacturing assets, and the advantages that they bring to the manufacturing process, enable economic efficiencies to be applied to the most complex of tube design. As a consequence many of our products have manufacturing tolerances much tighter than those specified in industry norms. This makes us the perfect partner for customers with complex design needs.