Passion for precision

We understand how important it is for our customers to receive products crafted to tolerances of the finest order. We understand the particularly demanding conditions in which our products are expected to perform.

We understand the extremely high quality standards that our customers expect us to adhere to. This understanding demands a high focus on customer orientation and this is encapsulated in our motto: Passion for Precision. The ideals and beliefs associated with this mantra provide a framework around which all of WIEDERHOLT’s daily activities revolve.

Bespoke solutions to engineering challenges define the culture that imbibes a firm history that extends to almost 100 years. It is this ethos that has enabled our company to play a very significant part in defining the quality standards that exist today in our niche market of fine tolerance steel tubing. This knowledge and experience gives us the confidence that we can meet the highest of customer demands with a tailored engineering solution that is based upon a bespoke fine tolerance steel tube.


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