High-tech. From the best steel.


The world of Wiederholt. We process more than 80,000 tons of steel into high-quality precision steel tubes every year. Our HF welding machinery, protective gas annealing furnaces, draw benches and straightening machines enable us to offer an enormously vast range in various cross sections, dimensions and materials. With our in-house tool construction and further processing centres, we are able to produce in a targeted manner according to customer wishes.

Cold-drawn precision steel tubes

High dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality

Steel in its best form. Wiederholt offers you a wide range of cold-drawn precision steel tubes according to DIN EN 10305-2 (DIN 2393) which impresses thanks to its particularly high degree of dimensional accuracy in its internal and external diameter. The journey to the end product starts as a classic warm-rolled wide strip or medium strip which can already be slightly levelled in advance depending on the requirement. We use a cold strip for particular surface and tolerance demands. The material is gradually shaped into the finished tube profile through several shaping frameworks. The meeting strip edges are heated to welding temperature using electrical energy and resistant press welded using pressing rollers. Here, the weld seam is created from the base material without additional materials. This process creates internal and external ridges which we remove using a special process and tool technology which we developed ourselves. The final stage in the welding line is calibrating the tube and separation to an optimised length.


The pre-tube (shell) created in this way is heat treated and then mechanically and chemically prepared for the drawing process. The following forming process on the tube (cold-drawing) is the core competence of our company. Our special knowledge enables us to produce the narrowest tolerances, the setting of mechanical and technical values that can be reproduced and the best surfaces. The final production stages for the long tube are straightening and the 100 % non-destructive testing (adjusting). We can now supply the generated precision steel tube to the customer as a standard length as produced. Upon request, we cut the tube to a precise length where, at the same time, the end machining takes place in our aggregates.


  • High dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality
  • Production via linked systems
  • Special knowledge regarding tool design and management
  • Non-destructive testing

Cold-drawn cylinder tubes

Especially for hydraulic and pneumatic applications


Ready-to-use tubes with perfect surfaces. Optimal processing can be carried out thanks to the consistently good surface quality, consistent mechanical properties and extremely low roughness values. One of our greatest strengths is our possibility of realising the narrowest internal diameter tolerances. The cold-drawn cylinder tubes are also particularly aligned to extreme conditions of use.



  • Ideal roughness values Ra max. 0.8 μm, R max < 9 μm
  • Ready-to-use
  • The narrowest tolerances (min. H9)
  • Particularly gentle to the surface thanks to the linked production

Cold-drawn special profiles

Complicated geometries created on an individual basis


Your ideas, our expertise. Wiederholt specialises in cold-drawn special profiles. Thanks to our knowledge and the wide range of tool technology, production and measurement facilities, we create profile tubes based on drawings precisely according to your needs and in the most complicated of geometries.

Using numerical methods, the forming process is simulated with regard to geometry and tool strain. Using our FEM software, we can determine the feasibility of the profile by cold forming in the shortest time. This allows fast optimisation cycles and thus shorter development times.

In this way, we can keep our production process streamlined, ensure excellent quality and pass on this process advantage to you as our customer.



  • Optimisation using the Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Individual production of special profiles
  • Use as drive and control profiles, for example
  • Complicated geometries and the narrowest tolerances

Precise lengths with end machining

Produced cost-effectively in sophisticated systems


Delivered as agreed. We produce your desired tube components precisely to order. Each year, we produce up to 40,000,000 precise lengths which are further processed for use in high-tech applications such as camshafts, joint shafts and drive shafts, among other things. You can be sure: We check all the parameters of our products with the latest measuring processes, from planar and concentric running tests right up to length tests. In our processing centres, we present the most complex of chamfer geometries in a cost-effective manner, which gives you clear advantages in your production chain.


  • End machining: Sawing and brushing, sawing and milling
  • Exact chamfer geometries for efficient customer processes
  • 100 % length and concentric running tests
  • Additional further processing, e.g. retraction, expansion or rolling

40 Mio.

Size-rolled precision steel tubes

All weldable types of steel available


Precision with format. At Wiederholt, the size-rolled precision steel tubes are made to the exact measurements in the welding machine according to DIN EN 10305-3 (DIN 2394). Here, we supply all weldable types of steel, for example case hardening steel or heat-treatable steel or high-strength, micro-alloyed fine-grained steels. The steel tube obtains its special dimensional accuracy by way of highly precise calibration rolling. The quality of every single product is monitored by an independent quality assurance system which also documents the production process at the same time. This is how we guarantee the maximum safety for your processes.


  • High dimensional accuracy and machine-produced supply
  • Extremely high weld seam quality thanks to constant monitoring
  • Precise welding of difficult materials
  • Process-secure welding / monitoring of weld parameters

An overview of tube dimensions

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