Precision in many applications.

More than 80,000 tons of steel are processed into high-quality precision tubes by Wiederholt – each year. They are used in many sectors and industries as versatile construction elements. The focus here is the automobile industry. Around 80 % of our products are used in vehicle systems in the form of tubes, profiles and components. Companies involved in mechanical and systems engineering also rely on the high quality of our products and use these in their production processes. Many other sectors benefit from the unique possibility of using our steel tubes in the desired material composition as well as in the most varied of applications. In this way, Wiederholt precision steel tubes are increasingly being used in the construction and agricultural industries, as well as in furniture manufacture.

Automobile industry

Thanks to consistent mechanical properties, a wide range of materials and the narrow tolerances, the Wiederholt precision steel tubes are an indispensable component in automobile construction and are used in classic private cars as well as in bicycles and utility vehicles.


  • Camshafts, joint shafts and gear shafts
  • Steering technology and chassis systems
  • Motor and drive shafts
  • Restraint and safety systems
  • Rotor shafts for electric motors (e-mobility)

    Mechanical engineering

    Wiederholt precision steel tubes combine all the properties that are required in mechanical and systems engineering. They have excellent mechanical durability, are supplied in the desired dimensions and material configurations and can be processed in an optimal manner depending on their purpose.


    • Hydraulic cylinder tubes
    • Rollers and rotating parts
    • Drive and control systems
    • Structure and guide elements

      Diverse industry branches

      Precision steel tubes are an indispensable construction element in many sectors. At Wiederholt, you have the option of specifying dimensions, material qualities and surface qualities individually. This allows use as both a load-bearing steel tube and a decorative profile tube.


      • Agricultural industry
      • Furniture manufacture and industry
      • Architecture and construction industry
      • Energy and environmental sector